Recycling and new life of metals

We give non-ferrous metals a new life

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Trading 100 000 tons annually

Operating since 2009

TRM is a worldwide supplier of recycable scrap, casting alloys and semi-finished products

5 offices,
global operations. TRM operates from offices in Poland, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.
The headquarters of TRM group is in Wroclaw, Poland.

Today TRM Group is an international group of companies involved in metal trading and logistics business

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Moving towards decarbonization and circular economy. One recycled copper cable or beverage can at a time.

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Our mission extends beyond simply buying and selling metal. Acting as a bridge between metal scrap suppliers and buyers, TRM facilitates the transition towards a circular economy, where recyclable scrap is transformed into valuable resources. By providing businesses with access to high-quality recycled metals, we enable them to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining the same level of performance and reliability.

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TRM is a worldwide supplier of recycable scrap and casting alloys since 2009

We are passionate about raising awareness about the importance of decarbonization and actively engaging with our clients to develop tailored solutions that meet their sustainability goals. By working together, we can accelerate the transition towards a low-carbon economy and create a world where environmental preservation and economic growth go hand in hand.

Our Products
icon 1. Experience Our experienced team of traders and logistics professionals are always there for you to find the best solutions for your metal needs
icon 2. Flexible approach We are open to any ideas that will help build a win-win cooperation
icon 3. Reliability We believe in building solid partnerships that last - both internally and externally
icon 4. Service We offer a wide range of metal and currency hedging and logistics services

Our history

Foundation of TRM Group
Expanding export sales to the European countries
Expanding export sales to Asian countries
Annual sales volume of TRM Group reached 10 000 tons
TRM group became a member of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) / Opening of office in Lithuania
Launch of own production facility
Opening of office in Hong Kong
Opening of operational office in Estonia (Tallinn) / Opening of office in Poland (Katowice) as TRM Metals Polska
TRM starts representing Eastern Europe at BIR / Opening of office in Kazakhstan
Opening of operational office in Wroclaw and moving headquarters there / Opening of office in Kyrgyzstan
icon Location
Address Łaciarska 4, 404, 50-104 Wrocław, Poland
icon Contact information
Phone number +48 786449669
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